Designed By
Erica Venero & Analeska Koe

This collection is inspired by the strength displayed throughout a challenging 2020. It tells the story of a woman who persevered through a pandemic and displays her fresh perspective and ideas upon overcoming hardships.

With time for self reflection and discovery, she finds a better version of herself more adaptable to change and able to endure through challenge. Through hardened experience her fresh perspective of goal setting is on display, providing clarity of purpose and true enjoyment in life. 

The Forward Collection inspires your inner strength, highlighting all that makes you unique and resilient.  We evolved through a pandemic and Tellurian reminds us to continue to look forward as we remain proud of all that we have overcome.

Forward is a collection that wants to highlight that strength that is within you, the same one that makes you unique, capable and persevering.  You are not the same as a year ago, and Tellurian’s intention with this new proposal is for you to look back and feel proud of who you are today.