Founded in 2016, TELLURIAN was created by Erica Venero and her daughter, Analeska Koc, with a clear mission: to build an unique form of expression, as a shout out to individuality, disruptive thinking and their cultivated sense of style. For years, their wardrobe has been full of clothes that tell a story - their statement as unique human beings.

A year after it was founded, Analeska graduated from Fashion Design and they decided to make a plot twist in the brand and started experimenting with completely different fabrics, textures, and fittings with the purpose of promoting a disruptive sense of style for the local market.

TELLURIAN is where creativity meets fashion. Where people of the Earth can feel free to express their individuality and independence in a groundbreaking way. For this reason, in each garment you will find cultural references, edgy silhouettes, fashion forward style and unique aesthetics.

Erica and Analeska are determined with keep creating a new culture and sense of style with innovative collections OUT OF THIS WORLD, and want YOU to be part of it.